The Boy with Green Hair

The police find a pre-teen boy with a shaved head they do not know, and who will not divulge who he is to them. It isn't until the police bring in sympathetic child psychologist Dr. Evans that the boy decides to tell his story, including the reason for his shaved head. His name is Peter Fry, who currently lives with a relative he calls Gramp, despite Gramp not being Peter's true grandfather. Prior to Gramp, Peter was shuttled between several other relatives while Peter's parents were away. Since his life with his parents, it wasn't until he started living with Gramp, a retired performer who now works as a singing waiter, that Peter felt like a normal boy in a loving and stable home. This supportive life also includes several friends at school, under the sympathetic wing of their teacher, Miss Brand. It wasn't until Miss Brand organized a clothing drive for war orphans that Peter found out that that his own parents were killed in the war, meaning that he too is a war orphan, hence the true reason for living with relatives. This newfound status made Peter start to think about the war, the plight of war orphans, and the sanctity of life. Peter woke up one morning to find that his normally brown hair had turned to green. Although Peter and all those around him had various reactions to his green hair, he eventually came to a belief of what the green hair meant, and the important mission associated with it. But the action of others, who were less certain as to why Peter's hair turned green, led to where Peter is today. With Dr. Evans and Gramp's help among others, Peter may come back to truly appreciating who he is and his special place in the world.

Duration: 82 min

Quality: SD

Release: 1948

IMDb: 6.8